In-home support is challenging.

If you’re a child of an aging parent, finding the right in-home companion type of support that fits their needs can be a daunting task. Whether you’re navigating challenges due to distance or a busy schedule, making sure your parents have everything they need is big commitment. While most aging parents are healthy and happy, seeking additional help can assist loved ones in maintaining their independent lifestyle for longer. Here, we’ll explore when it may be time to seek additional help for aging parents.

Your parent’s needs have been increasing

When aging parent’s abilities decline, it doesn’t always mean they need to move into assisted living or require full-time support. Parents may just need minimal assistance with everyday tasks to alleviate some of the stress on themselves and their families. If you’ve noticed your parents have been taking a bit longer to get around or their memory isn’t as sharp as it once was, it might be time for light assistance.

Aging parents will often go to great lengths to maintain their independence and may view help as an admission of failure. When speaking with a family member in need, instead of focusing on how your loved one may need extra assistance, you can explain that on-demand home services may be beneficial for the family as a whole. In-home services allow parents to age in place with dignity, while remaining in the comfort of their own home. On-demand companionship, means you’re not locked into a contract or schedule. You simply schedule what type of help you need and when you need it.

You’re experiencing assistance burnout

Assisting loved ones with daily living tasks can be extremely demanding and even emotionally exhausting. Recognizing the signs of burnout can be beneficial to assess when it might be the right time to share some of the workload. If you find that helping a loved one is starting to negatively impact your own life or causing a strain on your relationships, finances, or mental health, it might be time to hand off some of the duties.

Distance is preventing you from helping

Caring for parents that live in a different state or region of the country can be difficult when you have commitments needing your attention elsewhere. Whether you live a couple hours away or are caring for an aging parent in a different state, stress and guilt can take a toll.

Finding ways to help from afar shouldn’t be complicated, but may take some extra planning. Frequent visits can often become costly and exploring different living arrangements isn’t always in the cards. If moving is simply out of the question, hiring trusted in-home services that can meeting your needs and availability, can provide some extra support without drastically changing your lifestyle.

Know your personal care limits

Understanding your capacity to manage care is one of the biggest challenges among children of aging or disabled parents. Many factors play into not being able to provide for loved ones, such as work obligations, caring for children, or simply just not seeking to alter your current lifestyle – none of which children of aging parents should ever feel guilty about.

If you’re unable to support your parents due to any number of factors, deciding on acquiring help for your loved one can be the most logical choice. Companion services allows you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities without added stress of fitting in check-ins and errands for your loved ones into your already busy schedule.

Redefine your loved ones independence

We know ensuring the best care for your loved one can be a stressful task. Maxim at Home’s compassionate companions can ensure your loved one has everything they need to live life on their own terms. On-demand services such as assistance with light household tasks, transportation, pet care, and companionship may help relieve some of the pressure, all while ensuring your loved ones are getting the assistance they deserve.

The Maxim at Home team is here to help

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