What motivates them

Our companions are a mixture of diverse, compassionate people from all walks of life, and age ranges, who share an innate calling to serve others. When asked why they chose to be a companion, their common motivation is that they feel great pride and a tremendous amount of satisfaction in sharing the joy of laughter, friendship, and warmhearted conversation with those they are helping.

Core qualities

Our Companions have a natural desire to help others through kindness and consideration.

They put the needs of those they serve before their own, showing a genuine interest in their client’s well-being. Their attitude includes patience and understanding, and going out of their way to show the type of kindness that makes everyone feel heard and understood is the norm.

Compassion involves feeling someone’s pain and wanting to help relieve their burden.

Our companions understand the value of empathizing with someone’s situation. Being open to feeling what others feel can help improve positive feelings and create a deeper, more meaningful connection.

Our Companions understand the importance of maintaining the trust that they have been given by being invited into someone’s home.

To obtain the full benefit of a Companion, our clients need to feel safe. We convey trust by being ethical and honest and always striving to do what is right. We are committed to our core quality of Trustworthiness.

Screened for your peace of mind

MAH Advisors thoroughly screen and oversee our Companions. It begins with an initial application assessment and a phone interview to review their qualifications, related experience, and communication abilities. If they pass this initial check, one of our Advisors conducts a video-based behavioral interview. If the potential companion passes this behavioral interview, they undergo the following background screening process:

  • Comprehensive Country, State, and Federal Background Checks
  • National Sex Offender Background Check
  • OIG and GSA Excluded Individuals/Parties
  • Motor Vehicle Records Report
    • Review driving history and insurance verification on Companions who wish to provide transportation.
    • Companions not meeting our driving history criteria are not cleared to transport clients.
  • Identity Verification

Once a candidate clears the screening process, he or she is ready to begin the Companion journey at MAH.

A word from some of our companions

Seniors have a special place in my heart being that they are often not shown the love and patience that they deserve. All I want is to make a difference in their lives and provide that to them!

My goal is to enhance the well-being of individuals and bring comfort, empathy, and happiness to everyone that I have the opportunity to cross paths with!

I enjoy cooking, shopping, good company, and positive, happy people. I’m skilled in housekeeping, organization skills, and companionship. I’m very honest and caring and love a good movie and a laugh.

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