Maxim at Home believes in empowering families and giving them choice and control over their daily lives – that’s why we offer a wide range of Companion services that are tailored to fit each family’s unique needs. Our platform is easy to use and connects you with screened and qualified companions.

Our Companion services are ideal for those who are looking for assistance with house chores, seeking someone to drive them around, and accompany them to appointments, or simply socialize and drink coffee together.

Whether you or your loved one needs help with light housework or socializing, Maxim at Home has got you covered! Here are the top three ways we make that happen.

Easy-to-Use Companion Scheduling Platform

Maxim at Home offers an on-demand scheduling platform that makes it simple for families to access compassionate Companions in their area. Our user-friendly and intuitive platform creates a pleasant and stress-free experience for families and Companions.

Our platform allows you or your loved one to find Companions who specialize in providing the services that fit each of your unique needs. Whether you are looking for assistance with household tasks like laundry or dishes, transportation to get to errands and appointments, meal preparation, pet care and more, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect Companion to make that happen.

We make sure you have all of the necessary information you need about each Companion, so you can feel confident and safe in choosing the right person.

It’s easy to get started right from your phone or PC. In just a few steps, you can arrange for one of our many trusted Companions to visit with you or your loved one.

1. Sign-Up Online: Take a couple minutes to create your online account.
2. Schedule your Companion: Select the date, time, and your preferred companion.
3. Wait for the Doorbell: Your chosen companion will arrive at your door at the scheduled time with a smile.

Through a quick and simple process, these services are available whenever you need them, taking a stressful task and making it easy.

Screened Companions

At the core of every MAH Companion is a compassionate heart devoted to serving others. Our friendly and experienced Companions are here to support the everyday needs of our clients, providing an extra layer of assistance and peace of mind.

Our Companions are not contracted – they are employed. They apply through our system directly and undergo a thorough background check and interview process – solidifying the quality and reliability of our services.

Qualifications for MAH Companions include:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • English-speaking
  • Reliable transportation and access to a cell-phone
  • Able to pass a background check

Our Advisors take the time to thoroughly screen each companion and provide ongoing oversight, so that you know that your family member is in good hands.

Empowerment & Choice

Maxim at Home’s goal is to empower families by giving them choice and control over managing their day-to-day lives. We believe everyone should have access to companionship if needed, without sacrificing independence or quality of life.

At Maxim at Home, we understand that it is essential for families to have the power to make the right decisions for their loved ones. Our services provide a reliable and comfortable environment so families can access the support they need without feeling overwhelmed or limited in their options. We strive to help older adults and their families have the flexibility and options to choose the best scenario for themselves or their loved ones.

We want to make sure that everyone involved has access to all necessary resources so they can make informed decisions. Whether through our online resources or personalized Advisor support, we are here to help families find the best Companion for their lifestyle.

The Maxim at Home team is here to help

Do you need help with a loved one?  Then consider Maxim at Home’s homemaker and companionship services. Our team of friendly, compassionate Companions takes great pride in serving people in their own community who need light assistance with daily chores, some company and conversation, or convenient transportation for errands, appointments, or trips to the store.


Explore our services to learn more about our:

  • Homemaker and companionship services
  • Easy-to-use scheduling platform
  • “Best Value” service pricing
  • Only 1-hour service minimum


Sign-up in seconds to enjoy free 24hr access to our on-demand scheduling platform, where you can view our team of vetted compassionate companions.


If you have questions about our services, please feel free to call 1-844-624-5646 to speak to one of our caring service Advisors.


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